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Hazard 4 Cheatstick Black

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Hazard 4 Cheatstick Black

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Hazard 4 Cheatstick Black. Compatible con las cintas MOLLE en chalecos, bolsos y mochilas. Indicaciones para los diez nudos más comunes. 

_ exclusive patch-style quick reference card collection 
_ sized to fit into molle loops, it anchors w/ a hook-handle 
_ also fits into most admin panel/pocket slots in our bags 
_ lanyard holes (one preloaded w/ aluminum carabiner) 
_ can be wrapped around wrist, rifles, etc. w/ cords 
_ creates lash-point on any molle (clip binder in lower hole) 
_ multiple cards can be clipped into collection "fans" 
_ rugged for survival/hard-use (over relying on smartphone) 
_ textured handles marked with a number for fast reference

Medidas: 18 x 3.2 x 0.3 cm

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