Compensador OA-15 SOF

Claw Gear 20101

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Compensador OA-15 SOF

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Compensador OA-15 SOF

B&T Quick Detach Allows the operator to enhance the weapon system with B&T QD (Rotex-III & V) suppressors.

Breacher Spikes These sharp and hardened steel spikes allow the user to destroy barriers in CQB situations.

Expansion Chamber The construction guides the exhaust gases in optimal direction to reduce recoil and muzzle flip.

Crush Washer Mount the OA-15 SOF Compensator with the crush washer (enclosed) to ensure the correct alignment on the barrel.

Closed Bottom Prevents blown up dust and debris.

Compatibility: Oberland Arms OA-15 models

Installation: Dismount existing muzzle devices and clean the thread surface. After applying a drop of oil on the thread, put the crush washer over the thread (the conical end facing towards muzzle). Screw the compensator clockwise on the barrel by hand until it fits snugly. Then use a 19 mm wrench to tighten the compensator until the Claw Gear logo faces upwards.

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